Sport and activities

There are no meetings in the afternoons. Then it’s time for fellowship, different activities, to go for a swim or to rest. There are a number of activities to choose from. Some are organized by us, others you can do whenever it suits you and your friends.

Look at the big NOTICE BOARD outside on the “hill” to find out what is going on the different days.

  • Action games
  • Dance to the glory of God – For teenagers
  • Face Painting
  • Football tournament (Tuesday 14:00 on the other side of the highway)
  • Dance mat
  • TIKVA in Stråkenhallen (living room) Thursday and Friday 13:30
  • Volleyball tournament
  • Water Fight

Night Café

As always, our cozy Night Café will be open every evening after the evening meeting.

Here you can buy delicious late night meals and hang out with old, as well as new friends. The night café is a great hang out place and the night café team will make sure to entertain you every evening with live music, quizzes, open mic. True to our tradition, we will have a Friday Final Party with music and dancing.

Imagine art workshop

During the Summer Camp, there are traces of Imagine Art to be found all over Nyhem: in seminars, in the open creative space (for adults (ta bort?)) in Nyhemshallen, in artists meetings, and in exhibitions in various places, such as the bathrooms and the outside area.

Imagine Art is a group of people who wants to help us all to incorporate different kinds of creativity in our churches and personal lives. It does not matter if your artistic outlet is yarn or opera, nor if you have a newly discovered creative itch or are a full time professional.

Do you want to participate or are you only curious? See more info on our Facebook group: Imagine Art on Facebook

Not on facebook? Send an email to: