Like previous years we will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Dining Hall. These meals need to be ordered in advance, NO LATER THAN June 26. You can see this year’s menu below. Please indicate upon registration if you are a vegetarian or if you have any allergies.

If you would like to be more spontaneous you can also buy hamburgers, hotdogs and sandwiches in the Hamburger bar and in the Café.

This is the menu in the Dining Hall:


Breakfast will be served in the mornings at 8 am (kl 8:00)
Breakfast includes: Bread/butter, meats and cheese, yoghurt, sour milk (filmjölk), cereales, porridge, eggs, coffee and tea.

Lunch and dinner:

All meals are served with bread, butter, salad. After lunch, coffee and a cookie will also be served.


Dinner: Salad with pasta, ham, cheese and vegetables. Rhode island dressing, bread and butter. Contains gluten, lactose and pork.


Lunch: “Flying Jakob” (chicken dish with banans and peanuts). Grated carrots. Contains lactose.
Dinner: Fried potato, meat balls, salad with melon. Contains pork.


Lunch: Breaded fish (plaice/rödspätta) with potatoes, lemon, creamy sauce and peas. Contains gluten, lactose.
Dinner: Chicken-Wok with Curry cream dressing and Salad. Contains gluten but not lactose.


Lunch: Oven baked sausage (falukorv), mashed potatoes, chili seasoned corn, sour cream sauce with herbs. Contains lactose, pork.
Dinner: Canadian bacon (kassler), potatoe salad, melon, tomato salad and lemon. Contains pork.


Lunch: Oven baked pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes, mixed salad. Contains pork.
Dinner: Chicken salad with herb dressing.


Lunch: Salmon fillet with crème fraiche, potatoes, lemon and peas. Contains lactose.
Dinner: Taco buffet; minced meat, various sauces, nacho chips, grated cheese, corn, tomato and other vegetables


Lunch: Spagetti bolognese/ left overs,, mozzarella, leek (leeky olives) and tomato. Contains gluten.

We will have a great vegetarian menu prepared each day for people who choose this alternativ.
However we will not post the day to day alternatives online.
All meals are served with bread, butter, salad, coffee and a cookie.



FULL BOARD (Sunday evening meal – Saturday lunch)

Adult and teenager – 1160  SEK
4-12 years – 600 SEK
0-3 years – FREE


Adult and teenager:
Breakfast – 40 SEK
Lunch – 85 SEK
Evening – 80 SEK

4-12 years:
Breakfast – 20 SEK
Lunch – 45 SEK
Evening – 50 SEK

(Prices for vegetarian food is the same)