Get ready for a week together with 300+ kids and many great leaders!


If you are around 10-12 years old, you are in for a treat! Our fun leaders will make a great program for you! Do you like to dance, bake, paint or play soccer? We have a range of activities for you to explore, make friends through and have fun! You also get to learn more about life with Jesus, and how to partner with the Holy Spirit in your everyday life! For this age group kids of all the different countries meet together, with translation into the different languages. Bring your friends along and join us for an amazing week at camp!


If you are around 7-9 years old, you get to be part of our super active outdoors group! We call ourselves the Scouts, and spend half of our time outdoors, being creative and playing hard; treasure hunts, summer games, bonfires etc. You get to spend your mornings together with kids from all the other countries, but will get your own little small group of about 8 kids and a leader that speak the same language as you! That makes for some really great friendships, and fun small group time. In your small groups you get to learn more about living life with Jesus through fun activities. We welcome you to a great week of fun, friendships and Jesus – your BFF!


If you are around 4-6 years old, you get to be part of a fun and safe group with great leaders and kids from your own country. That way it will be easy for you to get to know the other kids and understand what your leaders say! We will have lots of crafts to do, fun outdoor games, and super-interactive and creative learning about living life with Jesus! Parents are welcome to come along by contacting our Junior Coordinator, Solvor Elisabeth Feed, to sign up as a helper for the group (!


If you are around 0-3 years old, I’m sure you will find it safest to stay with mom or dad! Therefore we have a great group for just that; where you and one of your parents together can sing songs, play instruments, learn simple truths about Jesus, and play! This is a great opportunity for parents as well, to make friends with other families in the same stage of life; for support and fellowship!

The Danish Greenhouse is for 2-3 year olds, and will extend into the seminar time.
The Swedish Greenhouse is for ages 0-3 and welcomes kids and parents from all countries. This Greenhouse will be run during main morning teaching (not seminars)

Signy Margrete Hefley
Kids Camp leader