The seminars begin at 11:00 except for the afternoon seminars that begin at 14:00. More information about each seminar and the speakers can be found at the seminar exhibition in the entrance to Nyhemshallen.

The seminars are a very important and much appreciated part of Summer Camp. They provide an opportunity for more specific and in-depth teachings then the teachings in the main sessions.

As always there will be a number of great speakers sharing from their experiences on a variety of topics and we are confident you will find many that spark your interest.

(NOTE: This page will be updated with the seminars when we are getting closer to the camp)

Bible Study – Ted Jeans

Spirituality in the family – Kathrine Chercka

How to do small groups – Marianne Lindhardt & Vera

Young Adults – Colleen McSorley

Bible Study – Ted Jeans

Sports & God – Terhi Ranta-Ojala

The importance of cultural care – Dominyka Čiplytė

Vineyard theological DNA – Ulf Dagerbrandt

Young Adults – Thomas Willer

Bible Study – Ted Jeans

Praying for healing – John Derneborg

Creative Connection: Practicing the presence of God through creative expression – Kim Bonner

How to do small group ministry – Marianne Lindhardt & Vera

Young Adults – David Parker

Celebrate Recovery – Torbjörn Freij

Bible Study – Jesper Sundgaard

Bringing the uncomfortable – Dominyka Čiplytė

3P – David Parker

Young Adults – Simon Hoel

Bible Study – Jesper Sundgaard

Prepare the way – Signy Margrete Hefley