The seminars begin at 11:00 except for the afternoon seminars that begin at 15:00. More information about each seminar and the speakers can be found at the seminar exhibition in the entrance to Nyhemshallen.

The seminars are a very important and much appreciated part of Summer Camp. They provide an opportunity for more specific and in-depth teachings then the teachings in the main sessions.

As always there will be a number of great speakers sharing from their experiences on a variety of topics and we are confident you will find many that spark your interest.

Bible Study – Ted Jeans

Family: Who is this strange creature I married? – Jana & Rick Malm

Strengthen The Poor And Reaching The Lost In Thailand By Coffee – Jeff Pongsathorn Wangchai

Worship: Songwriting – Maria Lundbak-Hinge & My Helmner

Contemplative cello prayer – Anja Zdyb Lillemæhlum

Leader Care through Spiritual Formation – what it is and why you need it – Norbert Bauer

Small groups: Why & How – Marianne Mark Lindhardt & Vera Sønderby Jensen

Young Adults + 3P: Thank God its monday – Arne G Skagen

Young Adults – Thomas Willer & Simon Hoel

Bible Study – Ted Jeans

Sports: Ways to use your body to build Gods Kingdom – Terhi Ranta-Ojala

Family: Prepare the way for God to minister through your children – Signy Margrete Hefley

Discipleship: Planted People – Colleen McSorley

Imagine Art: Bringing the uncomfortable – Dominyka Čiplytė

Leader care: Introduction to Ignatian spirituality – practical exercises – Norbert Bauer

The Vineyard Theological DNA (Followed by Q&A) – Ulf Dagerbrandt

Worship circle – Sara and Kalle Vingren

Young Adults: My Story … with Leading – Flemming Mølhede

Celebrate Recovery – Torbjörn Freij

Bible Study – Tom Murphy

Family: Great (unmet) Expectations in Marriage – Jana & Rick Malm

Sunn åndelighet: om livsrytme, balanse og grensesetting – Tonje Haugeto Stang

Doing the stuff: Healing – John Derneborg

Creative Connection: Practicing the presence of God through creative expression – Kim Bonner

Leader care: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality – Norbert Bauer

Missions: Can a Vineyard be planted in any environment? – Søren Samuelsen

Worship: Songshare – Maria Lundbak-Hinge & My Helmner

Young Adults: My Story … with Youth Ministry or The glorious mess of following Jesus – Colleen McSorley

Bible Study – Jesper Sundgaard

Family: Children’s spirituality in the everyday family life – Kathrine Chercka

Cross-cultural mission: Integration and Marginalization – Jim Mumper

Doing the stuff: Free to live – Tove & Torbjørn Sannes

Worship: Vineyard worship DNA – Ted Jeans

Leader care: Finding your Pathway to God – Norbert Bauer

Small groups: How to create thriving small groups – Marianne Mark Lindhardt & Vera Sønderby Jensen

3P gathering with Tom Murphy: When am I ready to move into pastoral ministry or church planting? – Tom Murphy

Young Adults: My Story … with Church – Simon Hoel

Bible Study – Jesper Sundgaard

Family: Kids & Technology – Daniel Hefley

Church planting fun: Compel them to come in – Carsten and Helle Rønne Samuelsen

Doing the Stuff – How to live naturally supernatural in everyday life – Per Christian Lunde

Imagine Art: Creative writing – Susanne Schneider

Leader care: Mirror of the Soul – Introduction to the Enneagram – Norbert Bauer

Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd and Teacher – Jesus’ answer to wholeness and maturity – Mattias and Stephanie Neve

Young Adults: My Story … with Church Planting – Thomas Willer

Introduction to MyLife Workshop – Thomas Lorenzen & Benjamin Esbjerg