2017-07-18 ()

What are the seven most important areas of leadership for an emerging pastors/church planter?
We will examine the results of extensive research on what skills and gifts mostly influence how we do as pastors / church planters. This seminar is for all members of the "3P" network and is open to anyone interested in joining.
For whom: Potential pastoral people, pastors and church planters
Seminar take away: Knowing which area of our leadership to work with next!
Deeper: Deeper into our calling and equipping as leaders
#leadership #pastors #churchplanters

Thomas Lorenzen

Age: 38
Marital status/Family: Married to Sara
Hometown: Odense
Role in church/workplace: Lead pastor, Odense Vineyard
Highlight during this last year: Finally scoring for my oldboys football team after more than a year!
A person I admire: I admire those young leaders who dare to make big decisions for Jesus and bet their life on him!
Fun fact: I am 25% German!

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