2017-07-21 ()

You may not have an artistic bone in your body, but you have an artistic soul. We all know that God is the original “Creative”, but do we realize that He has invited us to partner with him in continuing with his inspiring work of creation? What does Jesus say to any of this? How can we grow in our craft, and what’s at stake? What we’ll find may surprise you.
For whom: Anyone who wants to discover or explore their creative side

Aaron Keyes

Aaron & Megan are the delighted parents of four sons (Cooper, Judah, Nyle and Linen). They have been married for 15 years and live in Atlanta in USA. Aaron is a singer-songwriter, worship pastor, husband, and father. Aaron has served as a worship pastor for over 15 years. Aaron and his band travel nationally & internationally, leading worship and training leaders. In 2007, the Keyes launched their worship school, with
four students coming to live in their basement and on their tour bus for six months of discipleship. Since then, many worship pastors from around the world have come
through their home, gone through their training, and become part of the broader family, now called 10,000 Fathers. Aarons heart is to restore the Word of God to the foundation of corporate worship, and to help lead the next generation of worship leaders (who lead songs) to become more biblically empowered worship pastors (who lead people)

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