2017-07-19 ()

We are many who are longing for more creativity in church, but why is it so hard to make things happen and what is the resistance made of ? By looking at our history, the roots to the Swedish non-state church movement, we can find answers. Knowing this, we can also understand where we stand now, which makes us able to move forward. God wants us to be creative, as replicas of him, the creator, but is all art art? Can we bring everything into church? Does the Bible say anything regarding this?
For whom: Creative people, craft makers, doers, planners, artists, leaders, people interested in culture, musicians, painters, dancers, sculpture makers, writers, camp makers
Seminar take away: Freedom within the arts because cultural understanding gives the power to differentiate between tradition, norm and God
Deeper: A cultural understanding gives us the power to better differentiate between tradition, norm and God, this sets us free. Free when we make our art and when we decide on what kind of art to use in church. Free to use all the tools that God has given us to explore our relationship with him.
#art #expressions #creativity #self-image #norms

Charlotta Lind 

Age: 34
Hometown: Göteborg
Role in church/workplace: Member of and the Swedish spokesperson for Imagine Art
Highlight during this last year: The feedback I got on this seminar talk when I shared it on a Vineyard Göteborg Imagine Art day in march. My findings and thoughts was not something "everybody already knew", and by putting the pieces in the right order, so many things made more
sense. By greater understanding I could let go of some of my frustration. Woho!!!
A person I admire: Marina Abramović, a pioneer performance artist. Her way of using her body to
point out facts and raise questions is powerful.
Fun fact: I did ballet for 10 years

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