2017-07-20 ()

Each season of life holds key ingredients to growth in what God is doing in our lives and how he is doing it. Spiritual Formation can be defined as “the process of being conformed to the image of Christ for the sake of the world around us.” Our spiritual formation takes place through three avenues: Our Choices, Our Circumstances, and Our Seasons of Life. While choices and circumstances play a big part in spiritual formation, so does our “season of life.” Too often, we have been guilty of “wishing away” the season of life that we are in. Only 20% of people reach convergence - the season if life where everything falls into place and you discover your true purpose. Your future is locked inside of you - the journey is to break it out!
For whom: Thought this teaching is relevant to all ages, it is especially relevant for those that have crossed the half-way mark in life.
Seminar take away: Understanding your season on life and discovering your true purpose and calling.
Deeper: It will help us to discover a fresh vision and passion for God's Kingdom.
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Norbert Bauer

Age: 63
Marital status/Family: Married, 7 kids, 10 grandchildren
Hometown: Stockholm
Role in church/workplace: Coach, Mentor and Spiritual Director
Highlight during this last year: Spending Christmas with all our children and grandchildren in the US.
A person I admire: Martin Bühlmann - the most generous person I know.
Fun fact: Many years ago I was in a car chase with the KGB in Russia.

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