2017-07-21 ()

Learning to hear and understand God’s voice is one of the greatest challenges for Jesus-followers in the information age! How can we live life following his voice in our daily routine? What are barriers to hear him and how can we discern his voice from 10.000 others that we hear everyday? One thing is certain: God has much more to say to us than we can imagine!
For whom: People who are asking themselves if God actually speaks and who would like to learn to hear und understand him better.
Seminar take away: Deeper ability to hear and understand God.
Deeper: We are called to follow a voice that will lead us ever deeper as we learn to hear, understand and apply.

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Christian Reschke

Age: 44
Marital status/Family: Married to Kimberley-Jane
Hometown: Hamburg
Role in church/workplace: Spiritual coach,/director
Highlight during this last year: Writing a new book about persuing a missional lifestyle
A person I admire: Myself. I did good although had a rough start.
Fun fact: I think Scandinavian men are more beautiful than German men.

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