Why do we have to wait with sexual relation till marriage? What happens if we don't wait?
This seminar will adress emotional scar tissues, shame issues and our true identity in God
For whom: This seminar is for you, who have struggled with issues in your emotional life. For you, who thought you could by love for sex. For you who had a harder time, suffering from a broken heart than STD's. And maybe for you who would like to advice future generations on a deeper level how to protect their heart.
Seminar take away: People will know valuable they are to God
Deeper: Most sexual transmitted deceases are curable. A pregnancy can open doors to new adventures. But we can't buy a pill to cure a broken heart. Instead of preaching 'don't do it', we will try to look deeper in to the consequences of a low self-esteem, how important it is to know your true identity in God, and how God is able to heal your emotional scar-tissues.

Annette Von Der Lieth

Age: 47
Marital status/family: Single parent
Hometown: Roskilde
Role in church/workplace: Smallgroup leader
A person I admire: My daugther Silke. She is tender and determined.
Fun fact: I can drive a forklift

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