2017-07-18 ()

This seminar will be more like a workshop (including sharing and discussing) about serving Jesus at and through our work. How can we do that? What is Gods intention with having us work in that particular place? Can our work be (part of) our calling? How can we share Jesus at our workplaces?

My introduction will be from my background as a GP and children’s psychiatrist, but I hope we all can share experiences and ideas which God will use to increasingly penetrate our work and our workplaces.
For whom: Everybody who wants more of Jesus at his/her workplace
Seminar take away: Increased vision to see God’s kingdom come at your workplace
Deeper: By focusing on the Kingdom at our workplaces, we will move towards a more authentic, more holistic, and DEEPER understanding and fellowship with Jesus.
#holisticlife #everydayadventure

Annette Rust

Age: 50
Marital status/Family: Married to Volker. 4 children
Hometown: Sykkylven
Role in church/workplace: Pastor in Sykkylven Vineyard, together with Volker. Youth psychiatrist.

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