2017-07-21 ()

How does a small church/church plants of about 40-50 adults grow towards 100? We will discuss the dynamics and the activities needed to move the small church/church plant on from 2-3 small groups and mostly volunteer leadership to become a more established church with 50+ participants on Sundays, the first paid staff and more diverse small groups.
For whom: Pastors, leaders and all interested
Seminar take away: 2-3 good ideas to spark growth in your local church/church plant
Deeper: By taking a close look at our own leadership and making new priorities!
#leadership #churchgrowth

Thomas Lorenzen

Age: 38
Marital status/Family: Married to Sara
Hometown: Odense
Role in church/workplace: Lead pastor, Odense Vineyard
Highlight during this last year: Finally scoring for my oldboys football team after more than a year!
A person I admire: I admire pastors and leaders who dare to go into the unknown and make bold changes to grow the church!
Fun fact: My first car was a green 1998 Renault Megane, had it for 3 months!

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