Deciding to be a part of a church planting team is a huge step towards an exciting adventure, but can also be met by challenges such as expectations within the team and the general anonymity of ‘just’ being a team member. As a core part of the Odense Vineyard church plant, we have learned some valuable lessons that we would like to share with those who are part of a church planting team, or considering joining a team. We will discuss key strategies that will help you to survive
and thrive through the church planting stage, as well as key pitfalls to avoid that will help ensure that both the church plant and relationships within remain healthy.
For whom: Church planting teams or those interested in being part of a team
Seminar take away: Helping develop healthy patterns that allow the church planting team to endure for the long haul.
Deeper: As a result of the tools offered, we hope that each participant will be able to deepen their
relationship with God and each other.
#churchplanting #team

Ivan & Marie Olsen

Age: 34 and 36
Marital status/Family: Married
Hometown: Odense
Role in church/workplace: Leadership team and Vineyard Kids leader
Highlight during this last year: Buying a house!
A person I admire: Rachel Turner because she pushes the limits within the area of kids ministry, using innovative ideas that allow kids to experience God and develop relationship with Him. - Marie
Fun fact: We met in Australia, while working with Youth With A Mission.

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