Welcome to a Vineyard Summer Camp Classic! Again this year the small group team from Copenhagen Vineyard will share from their experience with small groups. At this seminar we will cover some "behind the scenes" tools and tricks on how to build and maintain a thriving small group ministry.
For whom: Pastors and other leading or overseeing the small groups in your church
Seminar take away: We aim to equip you to go home and take your church's small group ministry to the next level.
Deeper: Meeting in a small setting with other people exploring faith and journeying together is all about going DEEPER! Small Groups helps you draw DEEPER into God's presence and DEEPER into His purpose for the church - to do life together.
#fellowship #community #leadership

Martin Walsøe & Marianne Mark Lindhardt

Age: Martin 29, Marianne 38
Marital status/Family: Single
Hometown: Copenhagen
Role in church/workplace: Pastor (Martin), Small Group Area Leader (Marianne)

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