How you start and how you lead multicultural churches makes all the difference. If God can transform people into the likeness of Jesus Christ, he can certainly build communities that transcend racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural differences. Can a mono-cultural church transition to multi-? We have thought and lived the multicultural experience of the church and we would like to challenge you on this subject.
For whom: All who would like to see multicultural growth in their church?
Seminar take away: The multicultural church becomes a living picture of what can be done on earth and a foretaste of what will be in heaven.
Deeper: Communities become multicultural, in part, through the development of authentic intercultural communication practices
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Nicky & Johanna Vingren

Age: 43
Marital status/Family: Married with kids
Hometown: Skärholmen, Stockholm
Role in church/workplace: Pastor and missionary in La Viña Esperanza de Vida (Stockholm Vineyard Hope of Life)
Highlight during this last year: We have seen the growth and reform of a new church, which now has more than 27 nationalities. This is because of the effort and participation of the whole body. We have seen that the multicultural church seeks ways to accept and affirm (rather than minimize) difference, while creating a community of solidarity around common faith beliefs
A person I admire: John Wimber, because he spoke some Spanish, my language, and his vision for the Kingdom of God was inclusive. Because he inspired an expressive and practical gospel where love, which is not limited by culture or language, was emphasised.

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