2017-07-17 ()

Artists and creatives play a vital role in society. They shape culture, act as everyday prophets and dream-design future.

In the same way the kingdom of God is waiting to be advanced by creatives!
This workshop provides some insights. Also it gives space for you to share your story concerning art and God’s kingdom. Watch out: We will interact and minister to one another!
For whom: Everyone!
Seminar take away: Grow in awareness and expectancy and dare to live life by Gods voice.
Deeper: Living by God’s voice means being constantly challenged to be changed and to be change.

#culture #art #society #yourstory

Christian Reschke

Age: 44
Marital status/Family: Married to Kimberley-Jane
Hometown: Hamburg
Role in church/workplace: Spiritual coach,/director
Highlight during this last year: Writing a new book about persuing a missional lifestyle
A person I admire: Myself. I did good although had a rough start.
Fun fact: I think Scandinavian men are more beautiful than German men.

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