Why do we keep writing songs for the church and how do we go about it?
Want to know more? please join me for this two-part introductory level seminar about
For whom: People of any age with a desire to produce words or melodies in such a way that it may be used in a corporate setting where the goal is to invite people into an encounter with God.
Seminar take away: Tools in your songwriting tool belt, and more passion for the trade.
Deeper: Writing songs about God, requires us to go directly to the Source for inspiration. Authentic lives with God will produce authentic songs.
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Sveinung Chercka-Simonsen

Age: 33 like Jesus
Marital status/Family: Married + kids
Hometown: Copenhagen
Role in church/workplace: Pastor and worship leader
Highlight during this last year: Baptising 29 people in two months
More: Educated keyboard player from the danish music conservatory, made a living as musician for years, and been playing and producing electronic music in many bands for the last 10 years

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