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In the Western World we are becoming more and more aware of our physical needs, and many are investing time and energy in exercising and going to the gym, but we totally ignore the needs of our spiritual man.

We have made the connection between body and mind (soul), but have totally lost touch with our spiritual needs. Spiritual Formation is like taking your spirit man for a workout and train him to become stronger. Do you know of any serious athlete that has never had a coach or trainer help him to exercise properly, and helped him to learn how to pace himself so that he would not run out of steam before crossing the finish line? And yet, so many of us stumble through this race called “life” without much practical advice.
For whom: Relevant for every believer, but essential to all leaders.
Seminar take away: A fresh understanding of our spiritual needs, and how to take care of them.
Deeper: It will help you understand how you can know God better, by getting to know your inner man.
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Norbert Bauer

Age: 63
Marital status/Family: Married, 7 kids, 10 grandchildren
Hometown: Stockholm
Role in church/workplace: Coach, Mentor and Spiritual Director
Highlight during this last year: Spending Christmas with all our children and grandchildren in the US.
A person I admire: Martin Bühlmann - the most generous person I know.
Fun fact: Many years ago I was in a car chase with the KGB in Russia.

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