2017-07-18 ()

What Vineyard churches can now be found in over 90 countries around the world, and the list is growing. What is Vineyard Missions? What is actually being done? Where are Vineyard Nordic churches involved? How can you or your church get involved?
For whom: People interested in getting involved in cross-cultural missions. Pastors and leaders who want to "deepen" their mission involvement in the Vineyard. People who want to help make a difference in the world...
Seminar take away: A stronger motivation to DO something, to make a contribution to the expansion of the Kingdom around the world.
Deeper: We hope you will be moved to a "deeper" involvement in missions, and grow in a deeper understanding of missions.
#missions #Vineyard #churchplanting

Ted Jeans

Age: 61
Marital status/Family: Married to Siw
Hometown: Sollentuna, Sweden
Role in church/workplace: Member, leader and itinerant bible teacher
Highlight during this last year: A visit to our mission partnership in Yangon, Myanmar!
Fun fact: I really like snorkeling!

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