2017-07-20 ()

The Norwegian tv show SKAM paints a picture of our culture and the next generation that is filled with Shame and insecurity - what are the good news to that culture
For whom: Everyone that wants to be good news to our culture
Seminar take away: To understand who they are, who God is, and how that is good news
Deeper: A deeper understanding of ourselves and the culture
#identity #culture #gospel

Thomas Willer

Age: 39
Marital status/Family: Married to Inge - two daughters
Hometown: Aalborg
Role in church/workplace: Church planter
Highlight during this last year: A call to Aalborg
A person I admire: Vincent Donovan that planted the gospel among the Masai tribe and saw a culture changed
Fun fact: I am afraid of dogs. Cake is my love language.

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