“Unique” is more than a concert! It is a musical and visual experience which captures and expresses what many people need to hear in these troubled times we are living in.

“Unique” will take you on a musical journey with poetic and thoughtful texts relevant to real experiences and phases in our lives. Oriental undertones ride on top of a solid rhythmic base and often create exciting musical contrasts in the concert as a whole.

Those performing are: Ann Alinder – song, Olle Junholm – electric guitar, Björn Alinder – drums, percussion & song, Staffan Andersson – bass, Andreaz Hedén – keyboard, Tina Hedén – vocals, Lars Ekberg – keyboard, Benjamin Alinder – trumpet, Kenneth Franzén – percussion, Katarina Stella – dance.

The concert will take place Wednesday evening at 22:00 – 23:00 in Nyhemshallen.
The concert is free to attend.