Welcome to the

Vineyard Nordic Art Gallery!

It is fantastic to have gathered so many different forms of artistic expression here! Some of the artists and musicians from our Vineyard Nordic Family have already contributed by helping start this open gallery, which we hope will develop and grow as a way of blessing us all. 
Feel free to give feedback and encouragement to the contributing artists who have worked hard in order for this gallery to become reality. 
The Vineyard Nordic Worship team

Upcoming events

Going with the corona trend Imagine Art has set up three zoom workshops in week 29!

You find more info about the different workshops here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ImagineArtVineyardNorden/

To join a zoom meeting you have to have zoom on your device, phone, computer or tablet.
Zoom is free to use but you have to download the app or/and sign up.
Then click the link below the right day and time and hopefully your app will start by itself.

If it do not start, write

84233548273 for St. Artist meeting

89964897875 for Bibelpainting meeting

St.Artist. How does he walk? – seminar with Dominyka Ciplyté

Wednesday 15/7 19:00-20:30

What connects contemporary art and Christianity?
Could autonomous art practice and faith in biblical God go together? How does the artist of faith walk and what is his/her part in the art and faith communities?

A talk on what I’ve learnt during two years of MA research in Vilnius Art Academy, exploring the complexities between Christianity and contemporary art through the phenomenon of St.Artist.

Zoomlink: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84233548273

Bible painting workshop with Linda Hedenvarm

Thursday 16/7 – 11:00-13:30

Through form, colour and creativity we meet with the bible. We dive all together into a verse and see what thoughts we get and how God wants to talk to us. We then create separate, freely in a material of your own choice. Those who want will have the opportunity to tell about their image and their process afterwards.

Please be on time, we close the ”door” 11:10since it is a practical workshop and we want to have a solid group when instructions, prayer and processes will be shared. So install zoom before the meeting starting.

Zoomlink: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89964897875

Macramé Workshop with Mim Schut

Sunday 19/7 – 17:00

In this ZOOM workshop you’ll learn how to make your own Mini Macramé Wallhanging. To participate you need to fill in this form https://forms.gle/iirc1CWwf2BMaSRA9 and pay 45kr. Deadline for signing up is the 10/7. Max. 9 participants.

Once the payment is received your workshop spot is secured and a macramé kit will be posted to your mailbox. The kit contains a small stick and pre-cut macramé cords. You’ll later receive the ZOOM link via mail.

Dear Vineyard Nordic Family

In light of the recent developments with the coronavirus and it’s continued spread, we have sadly concluded that we must cancel the Summer Camp this year. We feel that it is the most responsible decision for the time and season that we are currently in. Finland, Denmark and Norway are mostly closed for all large Summer conferences/concerts/gatherings. In light of this, we will not be able to hold a Nordic Summer Camp. We are sad to come to this decision but we have no other choice at this time but to cancel the camp. 
It’s sad to have to share this news so close to Easter weekend but we encourage all to take advantage of this opportunity to hopefully pause for personal time with the Lord and spend time with smaller groups of friends. Even though different challenges face us, which can be stressful in the midst of this Corona season, God is opening a lot of different opportunities for new ways to do church. We trust that even in difficult times, God’s Kingdom can and will still advance.
Sincerely, The VN Leaders Team

CONTACT: summercamp@vineyard.se

SUPPORT: Vineyard Nordic Summer Camp. Every year we support visitors to Summer Camp who come from our Vineyard Mission Partnerships in other countries. Without this support they would not be able to attend. Please help us support them by giving a donation below (mark your gift SC mission): Swish, Sweden: 123 149 91 44 / Vipps, Norway: 80528 / We don’t have a Danish.