Prayer poems

Let Me Love You More

By Maarit Lindvall, Stockholm Vineyard
i don’t think You are trying to guide our lives so that at the end of the day we could say
“i won the battle”
i think You are leading us so at that at the end of the day we would say
“i love You”
and sometimes that means taking us on the side-ways
and if that means away from the victory, so be it
if it means away from that dream, do it
if it means away from the spotlight, i’ll say yes
if it means away from what i understand, i know it’s for the best
may my victory always be intimacy, not a trophy 
may my victory always be being one step closer to You, not my comfort 
my my victory always be trust, no matter the outcome 
i want to be a Hebrews 11 woman, 
whether the one who crossed the red sea and received the promised child
or the one destitute, mistreated and stoned
see, it’s not about the victory on the outside-
some of them received what was promised, some of them didn’t
but they all received who was promised- God


It’s a prayer to God in times when things don’t go as planned or desired, and when we battle with injustice and are forced to rethink, revalue, reprioritise, in order to keep our hearts soft.

prayer poem (it doesn't have a title)

By Maarit Lindvall, Stockholm Vineyard
I don’t want to fight
why is it always about being right
what if the truth is not about an inch this way or that way
what if truth is a Person
who also happens to be The One who
took dirt and breathed on it,
creating what we now call you and me
and on top of that gave Himself up to be murdered
for little you and me
so we could have eyes too see and a heart to receive
The Love who was, is and is to come

I don’t know actually
I just remembered the persistent birdsong
and the silence of the waves
calling you and me to a higher beauty
and a deeper rest

I’m not sure
still have i chosen to believe that we are not enemies
but apart of a war of another kind

I have no idea
but if we don’t stop arguing
then comes the winter and the birds have flown away
and the sea has frozen

and we have spent our days
searching answers for love
when Love has been the answer from the beginning

Lord, have mercy


It’s a prayer/thought in a time when people seem to be divided by opinions.