We only offer accommodations at the Nyhem camp site area. If you prefer other accommodations there are many alternatives close to Nyhem, see links below. You can view the prices for the various accommodations at Nyhem on the PRICE list below.

Nyhemsgården has been renovated in 2018 where nice, comfortable rooms are available for rent. There are 21 rooms available with 4 beds in each room and 2 rooms available with 6 beds. Showers and bathrooms are available in the same building and there is a kitchen/dining area on the bottom floor. Equipped for cooking simple meals. These rooms are only available to rent on a weekly basis.

1. Room with 4 beds, price per room and week: 4800 sek
2. Rooms with 6 beds, price per room and week: 6000 sek
3. Rent a foldable bed in the community  room downstairs There are 12 foldable beds available for women only at the bottom floor. 1 bed per week 800 sek or 150 sek/night.

If you stay at Nyhemsgården Please remember to bring 10 sek coins for the showers. (The showers are not included in the price)

There are pillows and comforters, but you need to bring sheets and towels.

There are also nice rooms available for rent in smaller buildings close to the lake. There are rooms with 2 beds and 4 beds. Please bring your own sheets and towels, make sure to check upon revival if you need to bring pillows and blankets.

Showers and bathrooms are located outside Nyhemsgården in a separate building.


B1  3 Room with 4 beds, price per room and week:  3200 sek/ 800 sek per bed
1 Rooms with 2 beds, price per room and week: 1800 sek/900 sek per bed

B2  3 Rooms with 4 beds, price per room and week: 3200 sek/800 sek per bed
1 Room with 2 beds, price per room and week:  1800 sek/ 900 sek per bed

B3  3 Room with 4 beds, price per room and week: 3200 sek/( 800 sek per bed
1 Room with 2 beds, price per room and week: 1800 sek/ 900 sek per bed
TOTAL: 42 beds

This coming summer we will introduce 16 newly built rooms at Gärdet (on the other side of the main road). These rooms are under construction and will be ready this summer. The building will have 16 different rooms with an entrance from the outside. The house is a two story building. Each room will have 2 bunk beds (4 beds in total) (våningssängar) all rooms will have mattresses, pillows and comforters. Please bring your own sheets and towels. The main building will have a bathroom and shower available only to the renters who will stay in this building.

Each room will have 2 bunk beds (one double bed on the bottom of one) 5 places to sleep. All rooms will have mattresses, pillows and comforters. Please bring your own sheets and towels. The main building will have a bathroom and shower available only to the renters who will stay in this building.

Price: 6900 sek/one room with 3 single beds and one double bunkbed.

Note: It is possible to rent for half week. If you want a half week rental, you have to contact Natalie Lomax: natalie@vineyard.dk

House 4 and 6 have rooms with separated half walls between the beds. Here we sell ”rooms” with 4 beds (7 rooms) and single beds (28 for women and 28 for men). There are pillows and comforters, but you need to bring sheets and towels. Bathrooms with showers are located outside Nyhemsgården and in the grey building next to it. The showers work with 10 SEK coins.


B4  7 rooms (for Women) with half walls/dividers between the rooms, You rent one bed for 600sek per bed for one week (4 beds in each block)
1 room with 2 beds -half walls, 600sek per bed for one week.

B6  7 rooms (for Men) with half walls/dividers between, You rent a bed for 600sek for one week. (4 beds in each block)
1 room with 2 beds -half walls, 600sek per bed for one week

TOTAL: 60 beds

Bring or rent your own Caravan to Camp. Nyhem has a large camping area for caravans. We have 50 places with electricity, and many more places for those who can do without electricity. Bathrooms with showers are located in service buildings around the camping area.


C1. Caravan with electricity, price per night: 340 sek
C2. Caravan without electricity, price per night: 290 sek

Available ONLY for full weeks rental: 7200 sek/week

This coming summer we will have 9 caravans available, already parked at Nyhem. This is a very convenient option since the caravan is already set up before you arrive.

You have your own bathroom. It sleeps 4-5 people, 1 double bed plus 1 sofa bed for two(possibly 3 children). Petroleum gas for cooking and heating is included in the price. However, outdoor furniture and a tent is not included with this rental. No pots, pans, cups, plates, or utensils are included in this deal. There are pillows and comforters, but you need to bring sheets and towels.


There is lots of room for those who want to stay in tents! Of course, all those staying in tents have access to the bathrooms with showers in facilities located on the campground.

C3. Tent spot:

Adults 400 sek/per person/per week or 100 sek/per night.
Youth 12-19 yrs old 250 sek/person/per week, 50 sek per night.
Kids 0-12 for free.

C4. Add electricity to your tentspot  660 sek/week (this option is only available for one full week)


Sjöstugan is a modern house with 2 rooms available rooms for rent, each room has 4 beds. Sjöstugan has one big bathroom with a shower, kitchenette and it is accessible for wheelchairs. All beds have pillows and comforters. Please bring your own sheets/towels. These rooms will only be available to rent for the entire week.


2 large rooms 4 beds 6200 sek
1 large rooms 4 beds 6000 sek
1 small room 2 beds 4800 sek

mullsjofolkhogskolaMullsjö Folkhögskola – This school is located about a 10 minute drive from Nyhem. There are several very comfortable rooms for rent at the school during our camp, either single beds, double rooms or other options. You also have access to a good kitchen.

Price: 390:- Swedish kronor per bed and night (this is including sheets, towels and moms)

If you have questions about renting a room at Mullsjö School. Write to the address below or call the phone number:  Please indicate that you will attend Vineyard Nordic Summer Camp. We have 10 rooms prebooked.

Please book your room at this address info@mullsjofolkhogskola.se or call +46 392-374 00

You can rent the rooms from Sunday evening July 14 until 8 am Saturday July 20.


Nice hotels in Mullsjö

Hotell Björkhaga and Hotel Mullsjö are both nice hotels located in Mullsjö with high standard and beautiful surroundings.

(Make sure you reserve your rooms at these two hotels by calling the hotel directly to book your room in order to secure a special price for Vineyard summer camp participants. If you book the rooms via internet the special camp price is not available.

Mullsjö Camping and Cabin facilities

Mullsjö Camping is within walking distance from Nyhem. They have cabins and also rent out rooms at VIP Motel

Brittebo lägergård (2 km from Nyhem)

STF Vandrarhem Årås (hostel) Årås, 14 km from Nyhem

Bjurbäcks gård is a large house for 10-12 persons about 6 km from Nyhem. Contact: Birgitta Wikström +46 (0)707-487717.

Private House for rent: www.ferienwohnung-schweden.eu

Mullsjö Missionskyrka – Rent a room, for more information call 0392-12210

1 room available for rent across the street from Nyhem 3000,- / week
The room has space for 4 air matrasses. It is nice room with access to water outside but no restroom or shower. (These facilities can be used at gärdet)
There is also a small deck outside the room.

For booking: Inger Eckert,
mobile phone: +46 72 0180006

You can find caravans (husvagn) for rent on the Swedish marketplace website called Blocket (Blocket.se). We have also listed a few contacts (for caravan rentals) below from the Nyhem area. The prices given are from earlier years, just so you can get an idea of what the cost may be. You will need to contact the owner in order to hear the current price for this year and to see if the caravan is available.

Borås Husvagnsuthyrning (caravan rental)
Caravans for rent
Varying sizes and prices
+46 (0)705-580763

Caravans of different sizes  (New ad 14 maj!)
4-6 beds.  Equipped with full kitchen and outdoor furniture.  Propane is included in the price. Attached tent (vestibule) is included with most of the caravans. Delivery and assembly can be arranged by agreement. Call TODAY to reserve a caravan while they are available.

Tel: +46 (0)76 028 8504 or +46 (0)70 952 1418.
Mail: kosta11@live.se
Price 3000:-SEK for the whole week.

Caravan Hobby 560

Caravan Hobby 560 -04 is available to rent. It has a tent, table and chairs for 6 people. Preferably bring your own blankets and pillows, sheets and towels. Dishes available for 6 people. One bunkbed, one double bed and a small dinett. Rent for one week 4500:-
Please contact Thomas Thell 0707707044 (+46707707044) or contact Lise Lotte (lise-lott.sundin@jonkoping.se)


Caravan Polar 535
5-6 berths
Furnished tent, kitchen appliances
Delivery included

Price: SEK 4,500
Contact: Jonny Livh
+46 (0)700-455759

Caravan Cavalier
5-6 berths
Delivery included

Price: SEK 2,800
Contact: Lars-Gunnar Lindberg
+46 (0)36-143434, +46 (0)733-103434

4 caravans and an motorhome for rent
Includes awning, kitchen equipment and garden furniture.

Price: 2500 – 3000 per week plus 100 kr deposit. Deposit will be returned if the trailer is cleaned.
Price motorhome: 4500 per week
Contact via mail: t.karlsson82@hotmail.se or cellphone: l 073 87 72 789

Caravan Solifer 550
Sunroof (no tent) fully equipped
5 beds
Price: SEK 3,000
Contact: Magnus Tärning
+46 (0)515-82189, +46 (0)702-108427

Caravans from “Däck och Hyrtjänst”
We offer caravans i different sizes and price classes. Furnished tent, barbeque and appliances. Delivery can be arranged. Please call if you’re interested. More information at www.dackohyr.se
Tel: +46 (0) 502 480 008.
Email: info@dackohyr.se

Öggestorp Colibri husvagn
med förtält. Den har 2 fasta sängar i bakänden och en överslaf för barn. Det finns sittgrupp som är “bäddbar” i framvagnen och där kan man sova 2 vuxna om det kniper. Kyl och spis fungerar både på el och gasol, ser dock helst att det går på el. Värme finns också i vagnen även den både el och gasol, toalett saknas i vagnen tyvärr, i övrigt finns det vi nämner nedan. Förtält med matta, 5 stolar och ett bord, samt filtar och kuddar finns med i vagnen. Totalvikt är 1230kg. Pris 500:- per natt. Ewa och Nicklas Bard 0736283345/ 0762775702. E-post: bard@telia.com

Kabe briljant 85
Nice older caravan sleeps 3-4 people (one bed max 40 kg) This caravan has most everything in order to enjoy a nice vacation. Can be hooked up to electricity. Does not have grill, tv, kitchen utensils or a bathroom. (A tent and outdoor furniture is available for a higher price) 2600 Sek for one week.
Charlotta & Leonardo Lehner
Reach them at: 070-92 888 66,072-315 41 92.