Like previous years we will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Dining Hall. These meals need to be ordered in advance, NO LATER THAN June 25. You can see this year’s menu below. Please indicate upon registration if you are a vegetarian or if you have any allergies.

If you would like to be more spontaneous you can also buy hamburgers, hotdogs and sandwiches in the Hamburger bar and in the Day-Café. The night café also serve nacho-plates and lighter meals after the evening meeting.

This is the menu in the Dining Hall:


Breakfast will be served in the mornings at 8 am (kl 8:00)
Breakfast includes: Bread/butter, meats and cheese, yoghurt, sour milk (filmjölk), cereales, porridge, eggs, coffee and tea.

Lunch and dinner:

All meals are served with bread, butter, salad. After lunch, coffee and a cookie will also be served.


DinnerMix your own salad, top it with chicken or ham, served with curry- and Rhode Island dressing.


Lunch: Flying Jacob, chicken in creamy sauce, served with rice, peanuts and bananas
Dinner: Kebab with pita bread and dressing.


Lunch: Breaded fish (plaice/rödspätta) with potatoes, lemon, creamy sauce and peas
Dinner: Potato salad served with canadian bacon and garlic- or Rhode Island dressing.


Lunch: Pork fillet stew seasoned with green peppercorns and roasted potatoes.
Dinner: Chicken wok served with curry sauce


Lunch: Vegetarian lasagna served with tomato salsa.
Dinner: Mince meat patties, served with oven baked potato wedges, served with pink pepper sauce.


Lunch: Oven baked salmon fillet, served with potato, lemon, green peas and creamy sauce seasoned with roe.
Dinner: Taco buffet


Lunch: Pasta with ham- and cheese sauce.

For those of you that are gluten or lactose intolerant or vegans you will find lists for each lunch and dinner that indicates which dish is suitable for you. Please note that the special menu will contain onion, garlic, beans and lentils some of the days during the week. Unfortunately do we no longer have the resources to make individual dishes.  If you need to prepare special food for yourself you are able to do so in the small kitchen downstairs in Stråkenhallen or in the Kitchen in Nyhemsgården.

Sunday dinner: Mix your own Sallad / with vegan meat

Monday lunch: Flying Jacob “veganstyle”
Monday dinner: Kebab with Pita bread

Tuesday lunch: Korean Oumph served with Salad
Tuesday dinner: Stuffed bell pepper with vegan meat and tomato bullion

Wednesday lunch: Cauliflower curry served with Naan bread
Wednesday dinner: Vegan-Wok served with rice

Thursday lunch: Vegan lasagne
Thursday dinner: Mushroom filled vegan meat patties

Friday lunch: Cowboy chili with a piece of corn on the cob and bread
Friday dinner: Taco Buffet

Saturday lunch: Vegan Tortelloni Quinoa/spenat with spicy coconut sauce

FULL BOARD (Sunday evening meal – Saturday lunch)

Adult and teenager – 1200  SEK
4-12 years – 650 SEK
0-3 years – FREE


Adult and teenager:
Breakfast – 40 SEK
Lunch – 90 SEK
Evening – 85 SEK

4-12 years:
Breakfast – 25 SEK
Lunch – 50 SEK
Evening – 45 SEK

(Prices for vegetarian food is the same)