Kids Camp


For the KIDS CAMP we dream of:
Seeing kids get to KNOW God more intimately through Bible teaching and personally EXPERIENCING the Holy Spirit. We dream of seeing kids RESPOND to Jesus as their BFF, and be EQUIPPED to offer Him to those around them. 

0-3 years

This is a parent-child group. It gives the children a chance to learn simple, foundational truths about Jesus through music and play. It also gives the parents a chance to connect with others who are in the same stage of life, for support and fellowship.

Contact the coordinators listed under “4-9 year olds” for questions, or if you want to contribute.

4-9 years

This year we will run national camps for this age group. There will be one camp for the Danish kids, one for the Norwegian kids, and one combined for the Swedish and Finnish kids. The kids in each camp will be divided into small groups with their own leaders, where a lot of the activities and learning will take place. Groups will be formed according to needs, whether it be to strengthen relationships between kids from the same area, or it be to introduce the kids to other kids their age. Contact the leaders listed below if you have questions or want to contribute.

Sweden and Finland: *to be announced*
Norway: *to be announced*
Denmark: *to be announced*

10-12 years

What a fun stage of life! You are no longer a small child, and not quite a teenager yet. You are in-between. This in-between time is the perfect time to start making friends from all the Nordic nations, and to explore where you, with your interests and giftings, fit into the bigger picture of church and God’s Kingdom.

At the Tweens camp there will be lots of fun friendship-building games and activities. Though this is a camp for kids from all the different nations, you will all week get to be part of a smaller group of kids from your nation, with a leader who speaks your language. On the program is a chance to explore how the interest and giftings God has equipped you with can be used to make a difference around you. We hope to see you at the Tweens camp!

Do you have questions, or want to contribute? Contact us at


Our Vineyard camp is run by people volunteering their time – meaning we do this together! Would you like to invest in the kids? We are looking for you who have a heart for the young ones and Jesus! Contact Signy Margrete Hefley at if you would like to be part of what God is doing in and through the kids! Note; we do require a pastoral recommendation for all who wish to staff Kids Camp.


Signy Margrete Hefley
Kids Camp leader


Monday through Friday all kids get to enjoy a morning program made just for them, from 9 am to lunchtime.  All groups start the mornings together with the rest of the camp in “Nyhemshallen” for a couple of fun, kid friendly worship songs. Then, when we hear “our song”, the Kids Camp jingle, we all head out to our different areas for a morning of fun-filled activities, group time and worship; all centered around living life with Jesus!


Afternoons are family time, filled with many opportunities to hang out and enjoy your vacation together. Did you know our campsite has a lake to swim in, soccer fields, volleyball courts, and a jumping castle?! You can enjoy an ice cream at the café, go exploring in the forest, or play on the playground! There are so many fun things to do at camp, and so many great people to meet and make friends with! Come join us for a summer of fun!