Would you like to join a Volunteer team at Summer Camp?

What do volunteers do?

As a volunteer at Summer Camp you will be doing practical work along with other awesome people, making sure that the camp engines are running smoothly.

You sign up to work 4 hours each day with assignments that you get from your team leader. Most volunteers help in the kitchen, with cleaning, in the night or day café, or preparing food in the hamburger bar.

Working as a volunteer you will mostly be working in teams and therefore you need to be able to cooperate well with others and work hard with a positive attitude. It is important that you are flexible and have a working cell phone during the camp. You might also need to sacrifice part of the worship and/or teaching depending on your schedule.

What are the volunteer options?

Early arrival volunteers, before camp : Before the camp, either Friday night or Saturday before 15:00. In smaller teams, you help with setting up the whole camp area (Tents, kitchen, kids camp rooms, and more)

Late arrival volunteers, before camp: Arrival Saturday afternoon or evening.

Early arrival kick-off: At 15:00 on Saturday, there is a kick-off fika where all early arrival volunteers join. Here you get to meet your team that you will be working with during the week.

Info meeting: On Sunday morning at 9:30 all volunteers meet for an information meeting.

During the camp: You will work four hours per day with your team, and will receive help and instructions from your team leader.

Tear-down: You help with tear-down of the camp on Sunday until 15:30, when we end with a fika together

Early arrival volunteer, benefits: You receive three meals per day (value of 1200 SEK) You also get a free place in a tent, (value of 450 SEK). You pay a discounted registration fee of 500 SEK (Value 250-500 SEK depending on age and time of registration).

Late arrival volunteer, benefits:

You receive three meals per day (value of 1200 SEK). You pay for registration and a tent place yourself (See more under the “Accomodation” page).

Bonus benefit for all volunteers: Having an awesome time and meeting new friends! 😊

Would you like to be a volunteer?

When registering for the camp, you need to voucher to get the benefits described above. Please fill in the form below to note your interest and we will contact you! You can also submit preferences (for e.g. time of day or work area), and we will try to accommodate them as far as possible. When you have received the voucher, you can go through the normal registration process.
There is a limited number of spaces for volunteers, so please contact us as early as possible if you want to join the team. We look forward to receiving your application!
The contact form is not working at the moment! Send an email to volunteer@vineyard.se